Introducing Nick Jones

Without actually looking it up, I’m confident that the one website I’ve linked the most in the past couple of years is Nick Jones’ Existential Ennui. So I came up with a dastardly plan–rather than just link him all the damn time, I decided to try to talk him into posting directly to this little site, so I could add more good content without actually having to do the work myself.

I’m pleased as punch that he agreed to do so. We don’t always agree (he panned Slayground and praised The Blackbird, for the love of Mike!), but that just keeps things interesting, no?

Nick’s bibliophile credentials put mine to shame, his research is terrific, and his writing always makes for a good, droll read. Please join me in welcoming him aboard, and bookmark Existential Ennui for more good stuff that doesn’t quite fit under this site’s umbrella.