Contest: The Handle/Hammett challenge

In the comments section on the recent review of The Handle by Olman Feelyus (AKA regular commenter WalkerP) at his Olman’s Fifty blog, novelist and Parker fan Wallace Stroby noted that the novel contained a Dashiell Hammett reference. Since no one over there knew what it was (including me), Wallace suggested we make a contest out of it. Here is Wallace’s challenge:

Donald E. Westlake’s eighth “Richard Stark” novel, The Handle, contains a major – and direct – allusion to the work of crime fiction great Dashiell Hammett. What is it, and to which work does it allude?

I’ll leave the contest open for about three weeks. The winner will be picked at random from all correct responses, and will receive a signed copy of the new trade paperback edition of Wallace Stroby’s third novel, Gone ’til November.

Enter by sending an e-mail to me with the subject “Handle Contest.” (My e-mail address can be found under “Contact Me” in the right sidebar.)

Thanks to Wallace Stroby for providing the prize, and good luck!

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