Last call for Cold Shot / other stuff

Deadline for a chance to win an advance reader copy of Wallace Stroby’s new novel, Cold Shot to the Heart, is Wednesday, February 9, at midnight central time. At that time, I’ll randomly select a winner.

The contest, for an autographed first edition of Wallace Stroby’s The Barbed-Wire Kiss will continue until I get a winner. (I do have one guess, but haven’t had time to check it yet.)

In other news, slow blogging will continue. After months of struggles, my desktop computer finally gave up the ghost on Friday. I really hate writing anything beyond short e-mails on the laptop, so I probably won’t get much done over the next couple of weeks. I also haven’t had time to read any books to tell you about.

Now that I’m back from my Super Bowl tailgating trip, I hope to start sending news to the Twitter feed again tomorrow.

And also: Go, Pack, Go!

Here is some footage of the scene after Roethlisberger’s incomplete pass on fourth and five:

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