A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell–get a Westlake favorite for free

Sternberg stripped to his boxer shorts, turned down the bed, settled himself comfortably with the pillows behind his back, and opened the Anthony Powell novel he’d started on the plane. It was Magnus Donners he wanted to identify with, but he kept finding his sympathies going to Widmerpool.

–from Plunder Squad

The reference above is to A Dance to the Music of Time, Anthony Powell’s twelve-novel epic of English life in the twentieth century. Anthony Powell was one of Donald Westlake’s favorite authors and someone he considered a key influence on his own writing. In addition to the name drop in Plunder Squad, Westlake mentioned him in several interviews.

The twelve volumes in A Dance to the Music of Time are being released as e-books from our friends at University of Chicago Press, home of the Parker novels. And, for the month of December, you can download the first book in the series, A Question of Upbringing, for free.

This is a great opportunity to explore a writer and work that had tremendous influence on Donald Westlake, and to check out a series that was (collectively) selected as one of the best 100 novels by both Modern Library and Time.

A Question of Upbringing is available directly from University of Chicago Press and other sellers of e-books. It’s only free during December, so you’d best get on it.