Coming soon: guest contributors!


Since inception, I’ve done all of the writing for this site, except for the occasional e-mail or message board exchange reprinted with permission.

But once in awhile, I come across a piece on Parker, Donald Westlake, or crime fiction that is particularly excellent, interesting, or informative, and I think, “Man, I wish that was on my site!” And occasionally I think, “I’d really like to know so-and-so’s thoughts on book X!”

So then I got the brilliant idea of just asking if I could reprint certain pieces, and just asking if so-and-so would be interested in contributing. And you know what? It worked!

I don’t know how often these guest contributions will appear–I’ve got two lined up and a couple of others in the works, but after that, who knows? But when they do appear, I’m confident you’ll find them as excellent, interesting, and informative as I do.

Oh, and there’s no particular reason that this post is illustrated with the 2002 UK edition of Firebreak other than that I’ve got way too many covers in my “not yet posted” file and posts like this provide a good excuse to pull one out.

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