The Outfit finally available on DVD!

Watch out for The Outfit!

Yes, folks, after all these years, The Outfit is finally available on DVD! And it comes (as I suggested in my soon-to-be-modified review of the film) as a manufacture-on-demand disc.

Not a lot of detail at the Warner Archives catalog listing, but it does claim the film is “newly remastered.” No clips available online for checking out the image quality, unfortunately, but it’s got to be an improvement over the VHS tape that many of us have held onto for years (or the DVD bootlegs made from that tape or from TCM showings).

Interestingly, the catalog page says the movie is “16×9 Full Frame.” I always thought “full frame” meant the old-school 4:3 TV ratio, but maybe the terminology has changed with widescreen TVs. Or maybe this is an error. I’m sure they wouldn’t bother to remaster it if they were going to release it 4:3 (would they?).

Until the job market improves I’ll be sticking with my VHS copy, so I won’t be reviewing this in the near term. If you get it, let me know how it is!

Thanks to Toby in the comments and Jason via e-mail.

The Outfit is available for $19.95 from the Warner Archives.