Off topic: Plugs for family and friend

Last week, my brother’s band squint released their third album, Goodnight, Bad Intentions. Goodnight is a terrific set of songs, with a masterful production job by David Percefull (Bowling for Soup, David Cook) that does an amazing job of capturing the intensity of their live performances.

What does squint sound like? I hate that question. I (and the band) just call it rock and roll, but since everything must be categorized, I’ll say that they’re somewhat like a power-punk band, but with an almost metal edge thanks to the outstanding fretwork of lead guitarist Matt Fredrickson. Their arrangements are considerably more complex, and their music is generally darker, than any power-punk band I can think of, though.

Screw the descriptions. Here’s the noir-flavored video for the first single and title track. If you like this, you’ll like the whole thing.

This weekend, they’re in Dallas filming the video for the second single, “We All Break the Same.” Don’t worry, I’ll pimp that one, too!

My friend Jim Baker recently co-authored (with Bernard Corbett) The Most Memorable Games in Giants History: The Oral History of a Legendary Team. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but the notices are great so far and I’m looking forward to it, even though the final chapter will undoubtedly rekindle the extraordinarily painful memory of my beloved Green Bay Packers’ heartbreaking overtime NFC Championship loss.

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