The Spare Coin Score

I’ve resisted trying to make any money off of this site for as long as its been around, which is a little odd given that it’s all about a guy who is constantly trying to get money.

Anyway, as regular readers know, the economy has not been kind to me lately. I’ve managed to survive by jumping from small contract to small contract, but despite a number of interviews, that full-time offer has yet to happen. And even if it happens tomorrow (which it might…I had a good interview last week), I’m in the hole as a result of the past year and it will take some work and some time to get out.

The fact is, running this site costs money. There are hosting fees, the fee to register the URL, and of course it costs money to acquire the books and other things I tell you about. IDW and U of C have been great with hooking me up, but by and large I have to pay for the stuff. I’m not complaining about that–why should I get anything for free? But at the moment, paying for the stuff is tough.

So I’ve added some ways for you to help out if you’re so inclined.

I’m determined, as much as possible, to make this not a bug but a feature. To wit:

  • The bibliography page now features four new columns. They contain links where you can purchase Westlake books either new, in ebook format, in audio book format, or used. New, ebook, and audio links send you to Amazon, and the used links send you to Advanced Book Exchange. How is this a feature? Because it easily allows you to see what’s in print and in what formats. The used book links are pretty cool, too. I’ve got them set up to dig up alternate titles and author credits so that you don’t have to search for “Richard Stark” and “The Split” and “Donald Westlake” and “The Seventh” separately to find the book.
  • This part’s very much a work in progress, but I’ve also set up an Amazon “aStore” where you can easily find and purchase the books discussed on the site. It’s linked in the sidebar.
  • I can’t really sell this one as a feature, but I’ve also added a PayPal donate button.

If you shop at Amazon or Advanced Book Exchange, please consider using this site as a portal. You don’t have to buy the stuff I’ve linked in order for me to get a little piece of it–your visit just has to originate here.

I feel a little weird doing this, but, hey, times are tough. I promise to try my hardest not to be too obnoxious about it.

Hey, did you know Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Outfit is now available for pre-order? Why not order it now?


Just kidding. Mostly.

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