More Westlake sleaze: Young and Innocent

Fictionwise has just released its second Donald Westlake sleaze novel on e-book, and at a bargain price–1961’s Young and Innocent, written as Edwin West.

Let’s just hope the e-book is copyedited better than the description at the website:

Anita–an innocent, unawakened girl caught up in New Your’s smart publishing set ? Lavinia–her older but seductive boss with a reputation for making out with young men, but secretly a lover of girls like Anita ? Barry–who has sworn off females till he is forced to prove to Anita that she is a “normal” woman–and to Lavina that she is not ? These three for the explosive triangle that gives thrust to this electrifying novel that Donald E. Westlake wrote under the pen name Edwin West in 1960.

I tried to find the original cover to illustrate the post, but failed. If anyone’s got it, send it along.

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