A few things I’ve neglected to tell you about

I’ve had a very hectic time since Independence Day, and as a consequence, dropped the ball on a few items of importance. Here’s my makeup post.

To Twitter followers of the site–sorry about the avalanche of posts in the past 24 hours or so. The main purpose of the Twitter account is to serve as a news feed, and I was way behind on the news. I’ve cleared all that out, which means that the Twitter sidebar and the weekend news digest should have lots of interesting reading. Dig in!

I try to support Hard Case Crime in whatever they do, so I should have reminded everyone that the TV series Haven, inspired by Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid (which was published by Hard Case Crime), debuted July 9 on Syfy. Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai is working on the show as a writer and producer. Did you miss the first few episodes (as I did)? Have no fear! You can watch them online at the Syfy site. It looks more X-Files than traditional noir, but it could be fun. If you’ve watched it, let us know what you thought! My desktop computer is in the shop right now, but I’ll probably check Haven out whenever I get it back.

Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Man with the Getaway Face hit comic shops on July 14 (details here if you’re not familiar with this). Grab your two bucks and get to the comic shop! This is going to sell out fast.

I haven’t seen an official announcement yet, but friend of the site Wallace Stroby announced via Facebook that his fourth novel, Cold Shot to the Heart will be published in January 2011 by St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur. I’ll have more on this once the details and cover art emerge. In the meantime, go pick up his third novel, Gone ‘Til November, at a bookstore near you.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Donald Westlake, who would have turned 77 on July 12.

OK, I think that gets us up to date. Sorry about that, but if you’ve been reading the site for awhile, you know this happens from time to time…