Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Man With the Getaway Face by Darwyn Cooke

The Man With the Getaway Face, in case you missed it earlier, is not a freestanding sequel to Darwyn Cooke’s The Hunter. Rather, Darwyn has condensed Getaway Face into a prelude to his adaptation of The Outfit, where it will serve as the first chapter when The Outfit is released in October.

It feels like a prelude–it preserves plot points critical to The Outfit, while slashing out nearly everything not necessary to get us to that book.

It also makes a few changes to Getaway Face in order to condense it into 24 pages. In addition to the purged subplots, the heist is greatly simplified. But the important stuff is here–the plastic surgery, obviously, but also the establishment of one of Parker’s aliases and the introduction of Handy McKay.

One new plot twist is added; necessary, I’m sure, to more fully tie Getaway Face to The Outfit. While this indicates that The Outfit is not going to be quite as faithful to its source material as The Hunter was, it’s not anything Parker fans are going to howl about.

As a freestanding work, Getaway Face is not entirely satisfying, but it’s not supposed to be a freestanding work. As a teaser to get readers excited about the release of The Outfit in October, it more than accomplishes its task.

The Man With the Getaway Face is a promotional item that will be available for a mere $2 at comic shops in July. I’d drop in and reserve a copy now if I were you, because this nifty collectors item is not going to be on the shelf for long.

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