Lineup changes to Darwyn Cooke’s Parker series

[Darwyn Cooke] explains that while the original plan was to adapt the first four books, he found himself hungry to adapt two later books in the series, volumes that would “lend themselves to graphic adaptation in unique and exciting ways.” He decided to cut “The Mourner,” which he describes as a good but visually “unspectacular” type of heist. The second book he cut was “The Man With the Getaway Face,” which he reduced to the first chapter of “The Outfit.”

In exchange for those two, he added “The Score,” which tells the tale of one of Parker’s most impressive heists, and “Slayground,” which is the story of the time that Parker got trapped in an amusement park while being hunted by goons. Think “Home Alone,” but with a Parker-style edge.

Also, The Hunter should soon be available on your iPhone.

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