Memory out now!

The official release date for Donald Westlake’s lost novel, Memory, is 3/30/10. However, Charles Ardai at Hard Case Crime reports:

I’ve seen and held a copy; I’ve seen it available for delivery on and (and the easier-to-type; and I’ve seen it on the shelves of one bookstore near me.  Chances are it’s at one near you, too.

More from Charles:

You know where else I’ve seen it?  In USA Today last week (where they unfortunately rendered the title as “Memoir,” but were very kind to give it the write-up they did).  And I’m told that Time magazine will be running a piece about it in their next issue.  Time magazine!  And to think that when Don originally wrote the book in the early 1960s his agent told him he wouldn’t be able to sell it.

I have not yet received my copy. Life is a bit crazy at the moment, but I will try very hard to read and review it when it arrives.

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