Audio: “The Risk Profession” by Donald Westlake

Here’s something nifty I stumbled upon today–an audio-book version of Donald Westlake’s science fiction short story, “The Risk Profession.”

In space, you still need insurance investigators. And anywhere there’s people, there’s fraud, theft, and murder.

Donald E. Westlake is famous for his mysteries and thrillers. In this 1961 story, he shows us a future that’s got a little sense of wonder and a lot of human nature.

This story is in the public domain, so it is free to download. I’m hosting the files here, but they can also be found at the Internet Archive, where there are a couple of other options including streaming or downloading as smaller, lower bitrate files.

“The Risk Profession” – Part 1

“The Risk Profession” – Part 2

“The Risk Profession” – Part 3

“The Risk Profession” – Part 4

Download iPod compatible (M4B format) audio book

(Via SFFaudio.)

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