The Harlequin Vintage Collection

You Never Know With Women by James Hadley Chase

Interesting news via Rara-Avis. Harlequin (the romance publisher) is reprinting some of their old crime novels with the original covers.

Unfortunately, more details are hard to come by. Here’s a list of the (first?) six titles from Amazon:

I don’t think I’ve read any of these authors before, but the whole set looks intriguing and I’ll be picking them up just as soon as I’m gainfully employed.

Maybe Harlequin hasn’t ramped it up yet, but as of now the marketing for these books is appalling. If I hadn’t stumbled across this at Rara-Avis, I wouldn’t know the books were out there. There is no dedicated website–how much work is that? There isn’t even a dedicated page at the Harlequin site, so far as I can tell. I fear that the line will fail because no one will know it exists.

If anyone out there has read any of these, please comment.

Update: These books have been bowdlerized. See the comments for details.