A look at Sacred Monster by Donald Westlake


Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Fall takes a look at the little known and atypical Westlake novel, Sacred Monster. (I haven’t read this one.)

When an author tries something new, fans often react with equal parts anticipation and fear. This is doubly true when said author has a track list as long as your arm. Take Donald Westlake, who managed to pen over a hundred novels in his lifetime. Readers knew to expect slapstick crime stories when they opened a Westlake book or harder-than-cement-shoes hardboiled when he went under the pseudonym Richard Stark. So what must have gone through their heads when Sacred Monster showed up in the late eighties? It wasn’t a light-hearted caper or a tough P.I. tale. It was something altogether different, namely a Hollywood satire.

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