Parker in Germany

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I decided to spend a some time in my archives today. (“Archives” is my word for shamefully unposted stuff sent to me by readers some time ago.)

In addition to this great cover image from the German version of The Handle (thanks to Wallace Stroby), I am pleased to present the following information regarding the German translations of the Parker novels, courtesy of reader Manuel:

First of all I have to say that all the German translations were made in the late 60s and early 70s. Many words were translated strangely for common German readers. Also some of the titles use word combinations that are not usually used anymore. The covers are also used randomly, as you have mentioned in your blog, without any connection to the book. Sadly, The Parker books were just some cheap short reading, so the publisher never invested much money in it.

The Hunter
Jetzt sind wir quitt
The title means: Now we are even. A common German revenge phrase.

The Man with the Getaway Face
Parkers Rache
Simply translated it means Parkers revenge. This is one of the books that were given a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the book.

The Outfit
Die Gorillas
The Gorilla is often used as a description of a mobster. Like the monkey, simple but big and strong.

The Mourner

Ein Job für Parker
A job for Parker

The Score
Stadt im Würgegriff
Translated it means  Town in stranglehold.

The Jugger
Parkers Urteil
Parkers Judgment

The Split
Parker und der Amateur
Parker and the amateur. It is unclear to me why they used this title, since it has no connection to the book.

The Handle
Das Casino vor der Küste
The offshore Casino

The Rare Coin Score

Sein Gewicht in Gold
His Weight in Gold, term for very much gold

The Green Eagle Score

Unternehmen Grüner Schnee
Operation Green Snow, Green Snow stands for a lot of American cash.

The Black Ice Score
Unternemhen Schwarzes Eis
Operation Black Ice

The Sour Lemon Score
Eine Falle für Parker
A Trap for Parker

Deadly Edge
Ein Wunder Punkt kann töten
A tender spot could be lethal


Ich bin die dritte Leiche links
I’m the third corpse on the left. Don t ask what made the publisher take that title, especially this book deservers a better title.

Plunder Squad Harte Zeiten, Weiche Knie
Hard times, jelly legs(?) Harte and Weich(soft) are opposites. And Weiche Knie means jelly legs as far is I know. [Ed: I’m going to guess it means “weak knees.”]

Butchers Moon
Blutiger Mond
Bloody Moon

The newer Parker novels were never translated until last year an Austrian publisher finally translated Ask the Parrot and Nobody Runs Forever into German. Both titles are the simply German translations of the original titles. Fragen sie den Papagei (Ask The Parrot) and Keiner rennt für immer (Nobody Runs Forever). The publisher actually released Ask the Parrot before Nobody Runs Forever.