Information management

It’s been just over two weeks since I started my Twitter account, and so far I’m very pleased. It provides me with an easy way to share information with you without cluttering up the blog with things that may not interest you. I already think of it as a very important part of the site.

It isn’t perfect, to be sure. The character limit can be infuriating and the Flash widget fails on occasion, resulting in a useless black box on the sidebar. But for the most part, it suits my needs nicely.

There is another new addition to the site. At the bottom of each post is a link so that you can share the piece through various social networking services. I picked the ones that I thought were the most popular, but I’m not an expert so if there is one that you use that is not available, let me know and I can easily configure it to work with your service.

Gadgets are fun!

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