Am I back?


Whatever readers I have left after my hiatus have probably noticed some new posts and may be wondering, “Are you back?”

The answer is, “I’m not sure.” I haven’t found work yet, so nothing is certain at the moment. However, you come here for the latest on Donald Westlake, Richard Stark, and Parker, and I felt like I was letting you down by not getting at least something up. This week, I almost missed the announcements of the publication of a lost Westlake book and a limited edition of The Hunter graphic novel. And that, dear readers, is unacceptable.

So I decided that, despite everything else going on, I would at least go through my e-mail each day and post quick links when there was interesting news to report. I believe I can make time for that much, although I cannot promise I’ll be perfect at it.

More in-depth writings such as book and movie reviews, and things like updating the cover galleries, will still have to wait. (I do, however, promise a review of Darwyn Cooke’s first Parker comic just as soon as my copy arrives and I get a chance to read it.)

Thank you for visiting the site and sorry about the hiatus.

And if anyone has any job leads or valuable contacts in Austin, feel free to let me know about them!

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