Parker reprint and site update

The Outfit by Richard Stark (AKA Donald Westlake)

I just received word from the University of Chicago Press that they have secured the rights to all of the Parker novels through Butcher’s Moon. This is great news, as Butcher’s Moon, Plunder Squad and some of the other late original-run Parker novels cost a fortune used. Before too long, they will be available in handsome and affordable editions.

I also wanted to drop a quick note regarding the lack of updates lately. I have recently become unemployed. One would think that this would mean that I would have more free time; it’s actually resulted in less. If I’m not job-hunting or networking, I’m hustling for some commission-based work to bring in a few bucks.

Rest assured that the site is not abandoned. I’m waiting on my copy of the comics adaptation of The Hunter and will have a review up once I get it. I will also continue to post any other important Westlake/Stark news. Less time-sensitive material will probably have to wait. If you’ve e-mailed me cover scans or other useful things, know that they are not forgotten and will be posted when life settles down.

Apologies, and thanks as always for dropping by!