Extensive Darwyn Cooke Interview


You do not want to miss this.

Parker comic creator Darwyn Cooke is interviewed by The Comics Reporter‘s Tom Spurgeon. He is joined by his editor, Scott Dunbier, and former collaborator Ed Brubaker, who currently does Criminal (which has been recommended to me a million times but which I have not yet purchased–get better, economy!).

The interview is an in-depth look at the creation process of Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter, and many other subjects–how the project got started, how Cooke sees Parker, how he made his artistic decisions in terms of both art and prose, which other books are going to be adapted, his interactions with Donald Westlake, and much more. If a comic book could have a commentary track like a DVD, this would be it for Darwyn Cooke’s The Hunter.

A sample:

The movies [Point Blank and the Payback director’s cut]… they made brilliant visual choices, but they all run counter to the nature of the stories. Like in Point Blank, we have Big Al Stegman’s car lot, and it’s this awesome looking place with Corvettes and great graphics. It’s wonderful in the film. In the book, it’s a shitty little shack in between two houses with a couple of dirty cabs parked in front of it. I had to resist all the story training I got at Warner’s, which is to amp it up, to stage it bigger, to make more of everything. In this case, to keep it down where it was.


The first chapter of that book [The Hunter] is so well written it makes me want to puke, but it was like there’s nothing visual left if you put the prose down. It’s all there. It’s an external description, people’s reaction to the guy. So it’s like, “You know what? Let’s take a good chunk of space here and see if we can achieve the feeling of that chapter purely through the visuals that he’s directing. Right down to the holes in his shoe.

Set aside some time, bookmark it if you have to, but make sure you read the whole thing. There are very few articles that I save to my hard drive to make sure that they are preserved for posterity if the hosting website ever vanishes. This one I did.

Read it here.

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