A look at Payback – Straight Up

Payback Director's Cut DVD

I’m busy as all get-out these days–out-of-town guests, wedding (not mine), tax season, job, and job-hunting because I fear mine may be going the way of the dodo (job offers in Austin welcome). So I have been unable to find much time to add a lot of the great content I have stashed away on my hard drive.

One of the things I haven’t been able to cover is the director’s cut of Payback. I’ve seen it, but have not written it up because I want to watch it again and go through the special features. Fortunately, Wallace Stroby has done a great job covering it over at The House Next Door:

Eight minutes and seven seconds into Payback: Straight Up, The Director’s Cut, Mel Gibson leans over a grimy kitchen table and, unprovoked, punches Deborah Kara Unger’s character full in the face. It’s a startling moment, followed by a short, fierce fight in which Unger’s character, clearly overmatched, is knocked around the kitchen and thrown roughly to the floor. He pins her there, all the fight gone out of her, kisses her quickly and then slams her head hard into the oven door.

Read the whole thing.

I’ll try to keep adding the occasional post, and I’ll have a nice, fat backlog to unleash upon you when life settles down.

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