Lots of folks ♥ The Outfit

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I’ve noticed over the years that the movie adaptation of The Outfit has quite a few admirers, perhaps enough to qualify as a cult following. I enjoyed the movie, but there seem to be a number of folks out there who are downright enthusiastic.

I haven’t seen The Outfit in over a decade. I recently acquired a bootleg DVD, and reading several people raving about it over the past month or so has me looking forward to watching it again. Maybe a second viewing will enhance my appreciation, or maybe I’ll just continue to think it was a pretty good movie. No matter which, it will be an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

I’m also hoping that adding one more voice to the chorus will prompt The Powers That Be to recognize that there is an audience for a DVD release.

Filmicability focuses on the great cast.

Hollywood Elsewhere points to the contemporary, and very positive, Roger Ebert review.

John Nolte at Big Hollywood wonders why the hell we can’t get this on DVD. (He also rightfully complains about the lack of availability of another Westlake-related film, The Stepfather, although we’ll likely see that one when the almost-certainly-crappy remake comes out.)

And this post makes four. Get on it, MGM (or whoever owns the rights these days)! Or maybe Anchor Bay or another niche company would like to step up?