“A Fine Godard Film Sees the Light”

2009 American release poster

2009 American release poster

Regular readers know I disagree with the title of this article.

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe on Made in U.S.A.:

As a movie it’s gorgeous, minor, and pivotal. The director extrapolated a detective plot from a Donald Westlake novel (without getting permission; thus the copyright problems) as a way to bid farewell to one style and start building a new one.

Although this review is positive, the most positive one I’ve read, in fact, I doubt it will give you the impression that this is something you need to rush out and see (unless you’re a big Godard fan, of course).

…And just when I’m tempted to track down a VCR so I can re-watch my VHS bootleg in order to comment on the movie in a more informed fashion:

“I place at my relative heart an absolute standard called ethics,” says Paula, obviously speaking for her creator. “I choose to become more faithful, to myself and to others.”

I think I can wait for the DVD.