Parker in France (and I feel really stupid!)

France (publisher unkown) (year unknown)

Sometime back I created a whole page devoted to the translations of the Parker novels in French, with all kinds of great cover art.

The only problem is, I never linked it from the main page!  It was only linked in the news section, which was then archived, so it’s likely that almost no one has seen it.

I discovered it while working on the site redesign.  I had completely forgotten about it.

Translations and other help were provided by reader Frédéric, who certainly deserved more than the page going into oblivion for his efforts–my humble apologies.

All of the images and related information will eventually be folded up into the new cover galleries I’m doing for the redesign, but for now, that page is here. [Update: Gone until I add them to the cover galleries.]

I still need help with Deadly Edge (Parker sonne l’hallali).

As I go through all of the material I’ve accumulated over the years, I have the feeling there are going to be a lot more of these apologies forthcoming…