Hard Case Crime 1/09: Killing Castro by Lawrence Block (#51)

Killing Castro by Lawrence Block

I’ve decided to feature each month’s publication by Hard Case Crime.  Why?

  • They have published three Westlake books (including the last Grofield novel, Lemons Never Lie), with more to come.
  • Stark/Westlake fans would love many of their non-Westlake books, so this is my way of encouraging Parker readers to explore this great imprint.
  • Their cover art is great, and who doesn’t like to look at great cover art?

This month’s book is Killing Castro, by Lawrence Block.


There were five of them, each prepared to kill, each with his own reasons for accepting what might well be a suicide mission. The pay? $20,000 apiece. The mission? Find a way into Cuba and kill Castro.

This breathtaking thriller, originally published the year before the Cuban Missile Crisis under a pen name Lawrence Block never used before or since, is the rarest of Block’s books-and still a work of chilling relevance all these years later, with Castro and Cuba once again commanding headlines.

Hard Case Crime offers a subscription service, which I use.

I may go back and feature some of their older books if the mood strikes me (or if I need some filler!).  I will definitely feature their Westlake titles.

Hard Case Crime is not providing me with any fees or merchandise for this promotion.  I just love their product.  (This is not meant to in any way imply that I am above receiving swag from Hard Case Crime or anyone else.)

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